Sunday, June 14, 2015

T-MINUS 10 DAYS.....


Have you checked out the events tab lately? I've added some signings I will be doing this fall!  Once tickets are available, I will post links too. The signing in October is free and proceeds are donated to DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women's Network) to help those in need. :-) It's a great event so I don't see why you wouldn't come! Tons of authors will be at both. 

In case you forgot,  Flightless Bird comes out in 10 days. I REPEAT: 10 DAYS. Can you believe it?! Ahhhh! Is it added to your TBR? Because that'd be awesome if it was. If not, try following my Flightless Bird Pinterest board. Lots of cool stuff I imagined in my head while writing the novel. 

I will post all the nifty links once it's live. Can't wait to be sharing this story! There was an interview with Livy, the main character, over at Wonderland's Reader blog. Super fun! Check it out. :)

Excited to meet Livy? It's going to be a fabulous adventure!! Mark your calendars for JUNE 24TH. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Wonderland's Reader Blog & Food Talk

So I know in my last post I talked about how much I like healthy food. Which is true but I also love pizza! And cereal. Anddd a lot of other delicious things. Anyway, I love food in general. I swear, half of the statuses and updates I have pertain to some sort of food. Especially ice cream.

ANYWAY...before I make myself hungry for a snack, June is around the corner and by corner I mean 3 days. 3 DAYS. Remember what is coming this June? On the 24th? 


How awesome is that? Are you ready for this? Because I am. Hoping you will add it to your summer reading list! Warm summer days with your favorite drink and reading in a hammock. If I had a hammock that is. 

These next couple of weeks are about to get crazy. The good kind, of course.

To start things off, there is a fabulous blog I would love for you to check out! She's always got really great thing going: reviews, blogging, reading, and of course, a bunch of other awesome things. Check it out! 

Ash's Wonderland's Reader Blog

How cute is her layout? I love it. Hopefully soon I can share with you a surprise I have that Ash and I have been working on. She'll be stopping by my blog soon! ;D

Meanwhile, happy Friday! Have an excellent weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pinterest & Veggie Chips

Lately, I've been munching on veggie chips. These things are so delicious. Organic, free of preservatives, healthy--then again I try to only eat foods that are healthy. Not to mention I grow a lot of my own fruits and veggies in my garden. So glad summer is on the way for some of them to be ripe enough to eat!
Anyway, in other news, are you on Pinterest? I LOVE Pinterest and I have a blast pinning to my book boards. I've got one for Flightless Bird series and the Fighting Fate series and then of course a page simply for the love of books! Then I have a slew of others boards for fun too. Check out the 
Book nerds unite on Pinterest!! I love doing crafts too. Pinterest is a great place to find lots of fun crafts! Granted, some of them don't work. Especially with the food ones, sometimes they turn out delicious and sometimes they don't. It's a guessing game!
What's your favorite thing about Pinterest? Share in the comments!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Writing Tip #2



Jokes. It really is May now. Which is awesome! Not for any particular reason, just the fact that Flightless Bird is coming out sooner than thought so...mark them calenders folks! JUNE 24th!

Today's post is all about that writing, about that writing, no bass. Please tell me you got that joke, otherwise, it totally was wasted!

Moving on...

Another writing tip I wanted to share with you was focusing on character development. People so often think they are developing their characters when there is still so much lacking. Great, your character has a whole 3 personality traits. This is about creating complex characters, with flaws, and depth, and the ability to make mistakes. This is going to turn into a monstrous post if I keep going on all that needs to happen with characters but I mean it when I say, get to know your characters, right down to where the very last freckle on their face is. 

Questions to consider asking your fictional friend:

-What's their favorite color?
-What is their goal? Passion? Mission?
-How are they going to grow? Learn? Change/Not Change?
-What is it about them specifically that makes them unique? Create a character that has more than one interest because really. That's lame if the ONLY interest your character has is one thing. Unless you're working in various other writing forms then...okay, that's a tip for another day.

Start with those questions. See where it gets you. I love talking about this so stay tuned for more tips in the future.