Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pinterest & Veggie Chips

Lately, I've been munching on veggie chips. These things are so delicious. Organic, free of preservatives, healthy--then again I try to only eat foods that are healthy. Not to mention I grow a lot of my own fruits and veggies in my garden. So glad summer is on the way for some of them to be ripe enough to eat!
Anyway, in other news, are you on Pinterest? I LOVE Pinterest and I have a blast pinning to my book boards. I've got one for Flightless Bird series and the Fighting Fate series and then of course a page simply for the love of books! Then I have a slew of others boards for fun too. Check out the 
Book nerds unite on Pinterest!! I love doing crafts too. Pinterest is a great place to find lots of fun crafts! Granted, some of them don't work. Especially with the food ones, sometimes they turn out delicious and sometimes they don't. It's a guessing game!
What's your favorite thing about Pinterest? Share in the comments!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Writing Tip #2



Jokes. It really is May now. Which is awesome! Not for any particular reason, just the fact that Flightless Bird is coming out sooner than thought so...mark them calenders folks! JUNE 24th!

Today's post is all about that writing, about that writing, no bass. Please tell me you got that joke, otherwise, it totally was wasted!

Moving on...

Another writing tip I wanted to share with you was focusing on character development. People so often think they are developing their characters when there is still so much lacking. Great, your character has a whole 3 personality traits. This is about creating complex characters, with flaws, and depth, and the ability to make mistakes. This is going to turn into a monstrous post if I keep going on all that needs to happen with characters but I mean it when I say, get to know your characters, right down to where the very last freckle on their face is. 

Questions to consider asking your fictional friend:

-What's their favorite color?
-What is their goal? Passion? Mission?
-How are they going to grow? Learn? Change/Not Change?
-What is it about them specifically that makes them unique? Create a character that has more than one interest because really. That's lame if the ONLY interest your character has is one thing. Unless you're working in various other writing forms then...okay, that's a tip for another day.

Start with those questions. See where it gets you. I love talking about this so stay tuned for more tips in the future. 

Friday, April 24, 2015



Did you read that title?! I HAVE A NEWSLETTER.

Okay, so it's not actually that exciting but I'm excited about it. I'm sure you're thinking, "Another newsletter? Do book nerds even have time for this?" The answer is yes. All the yes because my newsletter is the coolest on the block. Maybe not literally but it is pretty damn nifty if you ask me. 

Reasons for you to sign up:


(The fantastic officially fun):
-first scoop on news like, events, cover reveals, & release dates
-updates on blog
-reading recommendations ('cause you all know I wouldn't recommend it, if it wasn't book nerd approved)
-exclusive character content (guess you'll have to sign up to see what it is, huh?)
-basically everything cool
-also, my cat might make an appearance
-and of course, writing advice!

Now if that doesn't seem too cool for school, (no seriously, STAY IN SCHOOL you are not too cool to quit), then you're surely missing out! Subscribe buttons are floating around the site. Find one and sign up to join the herd of book nerds! :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fairy Tale Writing Tips & Gelato

I love how ridiculously chic this gelato looks. Nevertheless, it was delicious. Torrone flavored (aka almonds and honey). Just when I thought the sun wasn't going to break through the clouds, it did and it was an occasion to get some gelato with my too-awesome-for-words cousin. (Seriously, I'm not sure if she knows how cool she is!)

Torrone gelato. So delicious!

Meanwhile, aside from not-writing and gelato, did any of you try the fairy tale writing exercise I posted about? It's actually really fun! Believe me, you have to try it. Fairy tales are more difficult to write than you think. So if you're stuck, here are some tips:

1. Characters in fairy tales are all flat. Yes, they can have 1 major personality trait and that's it. For example, if a character is greedy, then leave it at that. Their only dimensions are greed. Now you notice, right? Fairy tales aren't mean to create well rounded and transforming characters. They're meant to be flat which totally goes against every writing class I took in college.

2. Now take a break. Eat some gelato. This fairy tale stuff is taxing.

3. Back to work. All fairy tales have so me form of magic that just is. You don't have to explain why or how the magic works, it's a fairy tale so it just does. Oh, there's a witch who can cast spells? Great. That's the only explanation you need.

4. Fairy tales are not based in the same logic that we typically think stories have. Talking animals? Awesome! Realistically, that's not logical and in a typically developed story, there needs to be an explanation. For example, Little Red Riding Hood goes into the woods and talks to a wolf before heading to her grandma's house where the wolf has eaten her grandma. In the original stories, the wolf swallows grandma whole and Little Red is a moron and doesn't immediately recognize it's the wolf in her grandma's bed (depending on which version you read). Totally illogical yet still logical because it's a fairy tale.

Go forth, write and have fun! Who knows what fairy tales you'll come up with.